This is work I have done for people in the last couple of years. Most of these are smaller jobs that can be completed within a month. This work happens around my existing work with ConnectABILITY.

Mattjash Mrozewski

Website Design

Type Club of Toronto

Website Design

Hobbs Wine Merchants

Website/Newsletter Design

Lauire Coulter

Website Design

Roy Macskimming

Website Design

Mansouri Health and Beauty

Website Design/Photography

Toronto International Latin Film Festival

Website Design

Claire Beranger

Website & Blog Design

Buailard Croft House

Website Design

Yannik Larivee

Website Design

Peter Maher

Website Design

Personal sites

This is a collection of work that I have done over the last year or two. Most of it is done for individuals self promoting themselves on the web.

My role

Consult, design, produce, code, manage and host. Everything from flash, HTML, CSS to Blogs. Every person has a different requirement, some want something they can change every week while others just want an online brochure or portfolio.