Helping people
create inclusive
accessible content.


I am Jason Maher, freelance designer, developer, content creator. Specializing in creating accessible, inclusive content, for people with disabilities.

This is a small selection of some of the work I have done over the last couple of years.

Take a look, reach out and contact me if you think I might be able to help you with your project.



I have worked in design and development for more than 25 years, in that time I have worked across a variety of media including online, digital, print and broadcast. Performing an equally diverse set of tasks such as Creative Director, Art Director, Producer, Designer, Artist, Photographer, Videographer etc.

Variety is one of my favourite aspects of the job.

For a deeper look into my past, check out my Resume

WhatI Do

I create content, sometimes that means I am a videographer, or photographer, or illustrator, designer, developer etc. Whatever needs to be done to tell the story, or get the message across.

Typically I work with a small content group to develop the script and then we look for a few actors, choose some locations and get to shooting.

Not all of what I do is video, it just seems to be what everyone is looking for these days.

Video highlights

A brief example of some of the videos I have created. To have a look at the longer versions of all of these clips check out the ConnectABILITY YouTube channel


60 Dagmar Avenue, Toronto, ON M4M 1V8